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TEDIS Ukraine

TEDIS Ukraine is one of the largest Ukrainian distribution companies. TEDIS Ukraine employs about 2,500 employees and the regional network consists of 35 regional structural subdivisions (CPs) throughout Ukraine.

TEDIS Ukraine is one of 32 Ukrainian companies that entered the rating of «500 largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe» according to Deloitte conclusion. The company is a member of the European Business Association (EBA) and the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (USPP). TEDIS Ukraine took the 5th place in the rating of «The Best Companies for Leaders».

For many years, the company has been successfully cooperating with leading manufacturers of tobacco products: Japan Tobacco International, Philip Morris International, Imperial Tobacco Group, British American Tobacco and Ringo Ltd in the related products segment, choosing Ringo Ltd as a reliable supplier of high quality European lighters Cricket.



«LAYTS PLUS» and «LAYTS DISTRIBUTION» companies are the partners of the company «Ringo Ltd» for work with the retail trade networks of Ukraine.

«LAYTS PLUS» and «LAYTS DISTRIBUTION» companies cooperate with such networks as: Fozzy, Silpo, Fora, Velyka Kyshenya, ECO-market, Megamarket, Novus, ATB, Prostor, Lotok, Rost, Brusnichka, Continent, T-kiosks and others.