How to distinguish original Cricket from fake

Original lighter

Оригінальна запальничка

  1. The inscription is made with white paint – clear, deep color.
  2. The lever has no free play.
  3. The burning valve is automatic, without a regulator. (The safe height of the flame is maintained automatically. Swedish Match patent).
  4. The burning valve is completely metallic, 3 mm in diameter and in white color.

Cricket lighter is graceful and thin (compact lighter, easily fits in a pack of cigarettes).

Has safe constant flame height due to a unique automatic valve (guarantee of safety when smoking).

One of few lighters in the world, the body of which is not made of plastic, but of nylon (manufactured by the American firm Dupont). Nylon, in comparing with plastic, does not burn and is a more durable material. This allows to make the walls of the lighter thinner and place more gas under high pressure in it. That’s why Cricket serves at least 3 times longer than usual «transparent» lighters.

And the most important: a non-flammable body and the complete absence of gas leaking guarantee that Cricket will never turn into a mini bomb in the sun and will not explode, as it happens with the cheap «transparent» lighters. Lighters Cricket are produced at the plants of the Swedish Match concern in Assen (the Netherlands) and Manila (Philippines).

Fake lighter


  1. The inscription can be executed both white and a dark paint, as a rule, it can be indistinct, the color is pale.
  2. The lever has a free play.
  3. The burning valve has a regulator, which is hidden under the protective cover (the valve mechanism of fake lighters is the same as with the Chinese lighters and is hidden under the protective cover and does not have an external adjustment lever that is cut so to make a copy more similar to the Cricket lighter, which is a serious violation of the technology, because a valve, without the possibility of adjustment, is extremely dangerous to the user and can cause injury if the flame becomes too high). To increase the visual similarity with the original lighter, a plastic washer can be put on the burning valve, which can be easily removed.
  4. A plastic washer is placed on the burning valve of the fake lighter to simulate the valve of the original lighter. The burning valve is a brass tube of yellow color, 1 mm in diameter. And 3 mm white.