Company history

Today the main aims of the importer “Ringo Ltd” company are to provide consumers with the goods “Cricket” of high quality and extra safety, to suggest wide range of lighters which includes both classic line and new edgy types, to assure continuous supply throughout Ukraine.

In 2012 the company “Ringo Ltd” established business relationships with the largest distributor of tobacco products in Ukraine — “Megapolis Ukraine” (since 2016 the company’s name is “Tedis Ukraine”) in order to shift “Cricket” to the most wide-scale sector of distribution.

“Ringo-Ltd” studies Ukrainian consumers’ preferences and chooses the most appropriate product line of disposable lighters branded initially with Cricket, as well as printed individually for different retail chains, companies, brands. Lately “Cricket” is also presented by a stylish and efficient utility lighter Fireturbo. Cricket Fireturbo gains more and more popularity among Ukrainians and becomes an irreplaceable helper in everyday life and on holidays.

Ringo’s united team creates and implements new business strategies for the strengthening of the company’s positions on the market of Ukraine. The Ringo staff participates in annual meetings and conferences abroad exchanging the experience and new business options with foreign colleagues who work with the brand “Cricket”. Multiyear experience of our staff members, deep understanding of market’s needs and ability to react efficiently at any changes allow to assure stable functioning and development.

For many years the company has been assuring continuous supply of Cricket goods to almost every locality of Ukraine. Together with its high quality and safety “Cricket” became recognizable and highly appreciated brand by millions of consumers.